Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Someone posed a question to me and I thought I would pose it to my readers. Now, readers this will require you to answer so I am expecting a million comments underneath (laughing at myself again for thinking a million read my blog when its more like 10. million. hahahahahahahahahaa...I got my Kanye arrogance/confidence game tight!). Your response could be anonymous. I don't care. I really really really need the feedback. So if you've never commented, you need to comment today, sucka!!! (damn, I gotta stop watching Kanye go off at the VMAs. hahahahahahaha)

Here's the question:

Would you purchase a publication if you knew I had a column in it? Would you subscribe to this publication???

I'm asking because my dream job would be to write this blog as a column for a written publication. Yes, it would be more frequent (ummmm, I think my boss would be paying for quality AND quantity). But I'm curious if there really is an audience out there for my work.

So yes this is short and sweet today but this time I'm expecting you to do the writing.


rashad said...

I would subscribe to a publication if I knew you were in it..unless it was Playgirl, and in that case I would have you cut and paste that shit to me. $20 says no one else comments.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would purchase the magazine to read your article, but I would only subscribe if I liked the entire magazine. However, if the magazine had a website, then I would I go there to read your article.

Robin said...

I guess since I've known you forever, I would have to buy the publication. And if everyone loved it, i would make people jealous and tell them that i know you. i might even show them blackmail pictures of you.LOL

Janelle said...

you aint got no blackmail pictures of me, heffa!!

Oh wait, let me use your phone for a minute!!! hhahahahahahaa