Monday, September 17, 2007

I am sooo in love right now with Jill Scott's new song, "Hate on Me". When I hear those trumpets blaring at the beginning of the song, its like a call to stand up and take notice. As the season has begun to change and the open toe sandals are pushed to the back of the closet to make room for my peep-toe pumps, this song is my battlecry. It is my change of attitude. It embodies just what my spirit has been saying for a minute: I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!!!

Yes there are many things that I care about: family, friends, my book, global warming, poverty in the face of abundant wealth, the miseducation of our youth, the current political climate in this country, what the hell am I going to where this fall now that I've lost all this damn weight. This goes on and on. But recently the haters are trying to take up space in my domain, and I've had it! This message is for them.

Dear haters:
You can blow my phone up until 3, 4 in the morning. I don't give a fuck. You can fill my inbox with hateful, misspelled grammatically incorrect diatribes on your hatred of me. I don't give a fuck. You can try to leave more misspelled, grammatically incorrect comments on my blogs (I guess Hooked on Phonics doesn't work for everyone, huh??). I don't give a fuck. Your juvenile delinquencies and petty schoolyard pranks have no effect on me because quite frankly I don't give a fuck. You can blame me for global warming, poverty in this country, Bush being president. I don't give a fuck. As far as I'm concerned, I am President Bush and you are the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I don't give a fuck. I leave you in the bowels of the broken levees while I sour above and look down upon you from the luxury of my surroundings on Air Force One. You are the comedy and I am the audience. I laugh at your futile attempts to steal my joy. You can sink and slither as low as you can go but one things for sure you won't drag me with you. As Jill Scott says: 'Hate on me hater/Now or later/ "Cause I'm gonna do me/ You'll be mad, baby/ Go 'head and hate on me hater/ I'm not afraid......"

So while you continue to dwell on more mundane ways to hate on me, just remember NOTHING you say and NOTHING you do has any bearing on my life. Your threats are meaningless. I have no fear of you. I actually pity you. But that feeling is fleeting (hater, the definition of fleeting is quickly passing. I tried to dumb this message down for you as much as possible). There are far more important things to think about like the economy and how much am I willing to spend this month on this new fabulous wardrobe. All I hear above your incessant cries and whines is my battlecry.

Me, the Object of your Hate


rashad said...

i read that letter in a Samuel Jackson voice

Michell said...

I love your blogs. You are such a wondeful writer. I can't wait for you to finish your book. I'm so happy you're blogging more.

Janelle said...

Thank you Michell, for the words of encouragement.

Eve said...

WORK IT, GIRL!!!!!! (In size 100 font)
That's right....small things to a giant like you. Go on and let those haters hate....that's all they are good for...fuckers!