Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This blog thing is hard man. I sat here yesterday and couldn't commit to any topic long enough to write about it. Yeah I could have written about my weekend. There was definitely enough content there since I saw my crazy exboyfriend. But I am so over him and the entire situation, I can't dwell on it any more. The facts remain the same - I've moved on and he can't get over the fact that I no longer want him. For some reason he thinks I did him wrong, even though he's the one who cheated on me on numerous occasions. So whenever I see him there is always some tension. I know longer care. I am quite bored with the entire situation.

I could write about the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. What can I say?? There will be a turkey and family. Actually there will be 2 turkeys - one with my biological family and one with my family of friends. I will probably have more to say after the holiday because I'm pretty sure someone will piss me off or inspire me by the end of the day! LOL

I could write about Kramer's rant. But at the end of the day I applaud him for loosing his temper. No one would have ever guessed he was the racist he showed his ass to be at the Laugh Factory. No one and I mean NO ONE could effortlessly describe lynching with a fork up the persons ass without a) certain pre-existing beliefs about people and b)making similar statements prior to his outburst. Just like the old Kodak commercial: "I see your true color shining through/ So don't be afraid to let them show/your true colors" Thanks Kramer! Bravo!

There is so much out there that I could have focused on yesterday and today but my heart just isn't in it today. Sorry folks.

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Anonymous said...

The blog thing IS hard, but I appreciate your efforts anyway. And that paragraph about Kramer was funny.