Thursday, November 16, 2006

I've read the magazine articles. I've heard it discussed at length on the radio, talk shows, and even in seminars. Apparently women are finding it harder to meet "good quality men". And while that may be true for them, does that mean that times have gotten so desperate that it's okay to hit on a man while he's out on a date??? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Recently, this has happened more times than I care to count, but the fact remains - these women are getting bolder and bolder. It ranges from the extra swish in the hips from the hostess that seats us to the waitress who rushes to refill his glass and leaves me sucking on ice cubes for the duration of my meal. I've seen enough women bat their eyes so hard in my date's direction that these bitches should have taken flight and flown right out the damn restaurant. And how can I forget about the girl at a lounge who stood over my date so she can fix her lipstick in the mirror on the wall above his head. Oh and what about the singing bartender?? Oh this was classic! This bitch flirted with my date HARD and when that didn't seem to get his attention, she started singing to him. Yes, singing, across the bar, some hot slut song of the week to MY date. I turned, gave her the half tilt look of disbelief, and consciously told myself to turn away from her. I instinctively knew if I didn't turn away at that moment, I was going to reach across the bar and calmly choke her with that same blank look of disbelief on my face and my head in that half tilt. And since I'm too pretty for jail, I believe I did the right thing. I have been fortunate that my date has not responded to these bold advances but I know deep down inside it bolsters his ego. It has to. I can almost hear him bragging with his friends. Regardless of what the chick looks like, he has to, on some level, feel like the MANNNN. He's out on a date with me (and I look pretty good if I must say so myself) and women are literally throwing themselves at his feet. Who wouldn't feel like a celebrity with that kind of attention? But at least in my presence, the attention doesn't seem to inflate his ego. I could understand if I was out with Chris Webber. He actually IS a Celebrity and fine as hell (and SIDEBAR: he is also my future husband. I love him! LOL)! But this dude is a regular average nine to five dude. No bling. No entourage. No Maybach. Just him. And all this damn attention.

Now don't get me wrong. I have been out and I've seen an attractive man out on a date. And yes I may glance his way. BUT THAT'S IT!!!! No winking, no singing, no blowing kisses and no...well maybe a little extra swish in the hips but THAT'S IT!

What happened to make these women think this behavior is okay? Yeah I've heard about the so called shortage but damn has it reached epidemic proportions? Do we now have to stand in a cheese line for our ration of a man?? Has the sense of boundaries been thrown out the window? Or maybe I don't look like the type of woman who would kick your ass in public for disrespecting me??? But ladies, know your role. If you see a man that you like while he's out with another woman, oh well it's just not your turn for his affection at that moment. And if you think that making his date feel uncomfortable will improve your chances with him, you are dillusional. On the off chance he does give you some play in front of his date is this really the man you want? Someone who would show a lack of respect for the person he's with?? Just remember you could one day be that woman out on a date with the blank look of disbelief and the half head tilt, asking yourself, "Am I too pretty for jail?"

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rashad said...

I think people(and I won't single out women, because men do it too) are fascinated with trying to get someone they know they can't have. The point of the game is to get the person they can't have..but if that same person pursued something more serious, they'd run away. Plus these date stealers must have a moderate success rate, which means some people out there are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

and you are too pretty for jail. no one's worth going out like that