Saturday, February 20, 2010


Please note: I'm writing this after three (maybe 4) glasses of rum punch, so if I ramble, please forgive me. But please also note and give me props for my dedication to my 40 day challenge. :)

Now back to the regularly scheduled program.

Can I just say I'm a lil tipsy right now and the thought of writing this blog is hilarious to me. hahhahaha

Ooh damnit, we're about to watch The Hangover. How can I resist watching this movie this tipsy???

(remember my original dislclaimer....some of these entries will suck...hahahahah)

Damn, who drank all the rum punch! Somebody needs to make some more.......


£ said...

lol girl.

watching the hangover while tipsy. how apropos :)

rashad said...

This is hilarious, and safer than drunk dialing

Chubbs said...

rum punch turns everything into rainbows and sunshine.

Janelle said...

Lex: I think the movie is just a tad bit funnier when you're tipsy. Try it and let me know. LOL

Rashad: My phone's battery suffered cardiac arrest while I typed this entry so there was no possibility of drunk dialing. hahahaha

Chubbs: I wish I wrote that statement. So true ;)