Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Have you ever had one of those days that from the moment you leave the house you look back lovingly at your abode like "are you sure I can go back in and curl under the covers"???? I think today is that day for me.
Once again I had bank issues. I ordered something online for a project I'm working on and I was charged not once, not twice but three times for my order. Yes, three times. I called the bank on Monday. The situation was rectified in a matter of 10 minutes. About 5 minutes later my money is back in my account, waving at me on the computer screen like "Heyyyyyy girl! We're baaaaaaaaack! Whatcha got planned?" I check my account this morning to balance my checkbook and I see some serious ducats casting absentee ballots in my checking account. Upon further inspection, the previously removed charges have made an reappearance. What the hell??? I silently scream to my computer screen and scowl with my best "I'm gonna get you sucka" screw face. I don't even know who holds fault this time around because I've spoken to the merchant ("oh that's on the bank. we only have one charge for you") and I've spoken to the bank ("there's nothing we can do ma'am while the charges are pending, please speak with the merchant".) I admit I got a lil boughetto with the telebanking personnel. But lemme say this: when you say things like "Listen sweetie. Lemme speak to someone who makes more than you because they're paid to resolve this" in the nicest sweetest, most polite voice, it works. Two minutes later a supervisor was on the phone and after a couple of minutes my lootchie was back where it belonged - waving from the computer screen once again right next to the beautiful phrase "available balance".

No sooner did I have that issue resolved my cell phone starts blinking on and off like its sending a message in Morse Code. Okay those you really know me know I need a new cell phone badly. It's no longer pretty (has more boo-boos than I did from my accident a couple of weeks ago). And about 1/2 of the cool functions I love about it don't even work anymore. So why do I keep it??? Because a newer waaay cooler version is due out this year and I want it. But damn Sprint keeps pushing back the release date. The technological soon to be love of my not that tech savvy life won Best in Show at the tech convention back in January. And no, I'm not linking any links here UNTIL I get the phone. FIRST. hahahahaa But I digress. I take my beloved dinosaur in the cell phone world to Sprint. And they keep it. They need to verify that it doesn't work. Ummmm, if have to hold the battery down (with force) into the battery cavity while I simultaneously glide the battery cover over it (*with force) with the other hand to maintain enough power for it to turn on, what do you need to verify???? FIX IT!!!! Oh and I think I annoyed the hell out of the chick helping me because I needed to verify that I wouldn't lose my loyal customer money towards my new I refuse to mention here phone. I asked her 3 times in three different ways. hahahahaha Look, I'm a lady on a mission.

So here I am, money in the bank but no one to call because I'm phoneless. It's so sad. When did I become this person??? I have been going through phone withdrawal all day. I can't see my Barack Screen Saver. I can't send text messages. Sigh. Is there a 12 step program???

Today was just stellar. (if you can't read the sarcasm dripping from that 4 word statement, click the lil red x. Yeah that one, up there!!! hahahahaha)


Chubbs said...

sorry about your day, but thank you so much for the monica song. love that song, love that video, love old monica--what the hell happened to her??

rashad said...

Did Starks get ejected too?

£ said...

see we are in the same boat. My phone has been a mess since early feb BUT i'm holding out on replacing it because of that same new phone that you are talking about. mmhmm. Sprint keeps pushing back the release date though. All i'm saying is that i've been on gizmodo and engadget and seen the pics.

I. want. it. now.

Janelle said...

Chubbs: thanks for the empathy :). I too wonder why did Monica fall sooo far off?? Monica circa early 90s was good and I heart the simplistic truthfulness of the song..its just one of those days!! LOL

Rashad; uhhhh surrre! ahahahaa

Lex: We are soo on the same page. And in honor of you being my friend in my head I will let you in on a tidbit of info I received from the girl @ Sprint: that new new pretty phone won't be released until July because 1st gen Iphone-ers will be out of their 2 year agreement by then and may want to shop around. I ain't one to gossip so you ain't heard that from me. mmmhmmm.