Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Easy Like Saturday Morning.....

Dear Friends, Fans, Stalkers, and Stans:
I know its been almost two weeks since my last post. I just have to two words to speak to my absence: BABY SHOWER. Man, I love my friends to death and into eternal life thereafter but I am pooped. And since I KNOW Prego is reading, all I will say is "I can't wait for this to be over." I promise one of these days I will blog about the experience in detail (and maybe with pics). You deserve better and I promise to do better. (I think I got that from that new Will Smith movie. Funny, I can quote a movie I have absofuckinlutely no desire to see)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming (I've always wanted to say that...hahahaha)

On a sunny Saturday morning, I looked out the window for some out of the house inspiration. Since the view in front of me is strictly residential, I was looking more at trees, houses and a few cars drive down the street below. From the corner of my left eye I saw a couple walking down the street. It was obvious they were basking in more than the glow of the sunshine. He walked with his arm wrapped confidently around her shoulder as she snuggled in closer to his embrace. Left. right. left. right. Their steps were in tune as if they were competing on "Dancing with the Stars". Halfway down the street, just as they were directly in front of my view, he dropped his hand and reached for her hand in one fluid motion. Instinctively, their fingers reached out to one another and were intertwined before I could blink. And with the swing of their arms, their leisurely stroll continued down the street. I watched them as they faded from sight, but not from memory.

It's scenes like this that make me long for that easy breezy. The I'm comfortable with you no matter what stride, that we're in this together embrace, that you're all I need to get by swagger. The type of bond that makes people stop and stare from a window in a t-shirt and undies early on a Saturday morning. The kind of connection that......
Smack. "Here drink this."
Ow, stop smacking my booty. What's this?"
"It's tea. Now stop asking me questions and drink. It's good for you."
"Oh shit, it's hot."
"It's tea. What do you expect? hahahahahhaha"
"Ha ha - very funny."
"What are you doing?"
"Ummmm, just looking out the window, enjoying the view." (I can't tell him what I was really looking at)
"You have too much time on your hands. I'm getting ready for work." Smack.
"Owwww, damnit!!!!"

(Confession: I wrote this last summer after a visit with Hustle. I stumbled across it on my phone - apparently wrote it on the lonnnng train ride home that day and decided to post it today. No rhyme or reason. Just wanted to share) Now I'm off to handle baby shower details.


rashad said...

Baby Showers and smacking ass...what's fucking with that?

Anonymous said...

Drenna says...


Organized Noise said...

You just inspired a post. Off to write now. Thanks.

Janelle said...

Rashad: LMAO...you got issues!

Drenna: Are you gonna get T-shirts made??? LMAO

Organized: You're welcome for the inspiration.