Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At Last.....

At last my life is mine again. As noted in previous blogs, this past Saturday was the Baby Shower for Prego (aka Zilla) and her husband. It was beautiful chaos. Over a hundred people in attendance. Air conditioners not working as great as they should. Tears of joy and gratitude. Laughter. Good food. Ahhh, good times indeed. But damn it's a lot of work. From conception to execution my hand was all in the pot. My friends and I worked together to pull off an event to remember. And by the end of the night I was so exhausted I couldn't even talk straight. And I truly believe that was the case for everyone who worked soo hard. But it was all worth it. Zilla cried from the moment she walked in the place (I was NOT surprised...and this has nothing to do with her unstable hormonal state...hahahahaha). And by the end of the evening after mountains of gifts were opened, Zilla and her hubby shed tears for the outpouring of love, support (and gifts) from everyone in the place. I had a convo with my girl Eve as we were on our way out to Brooklyn the next day about the emotional outpouring at the shower. She explained it best "a baby shower is one of those few moments in life when you really really know how people truly care about you because of the love they show you and your child. It's a rare opportunity to actually see how people feel about you." With that conversation, I finally got it. Sure, Twiggs, D. and I said throughout the planning and running around for this shower "[Zilla] is lucky I love her." And in our own way, that ties back into what Eve said. Trust and believe I wouldn't do 1/3 of what I did for someone who didn't mean as much to me.

So in the next couple of months I will once again be on the planning committee for D's baby shower. Sheesh. I need a break from this madness. While I love seeing creativity come to fruition, these visions rob me of my own personal creativity. No blogs. No book writing. Can't even recommend a decent restaurant for a friend or plan a nice bday evening for Hustle (technically he fell asleep when the subject came up but I had no energy - or money- to insist...hahahaha). So I'm asking all my friends near and dear to me: please just send me an invitation so I can just show up like everyone else.

This onesie pretty much sums up this baby. I know her momma. hahahahahaaaa

We started a college fund for the baby. There will be no pole dancing in her future.

Do you see this mountain of gifts??? And this picture was taken early. Man, this baby shower business is a racket. I think I'm going to throw me a Single Shower, celebrating my singleness. Where should I register for gifts???

Believe it or not this is actually a cake. The entire "bag" and its contents are edible. Now that's creative. We had to stop a few little ones from grabbing the "pacifier".

Start the baby's taste for the finer things in life early. Hmmm, I think I just found where I am going to register for my Single Shower. hahahahahahaa

So now I'm back. I slept for the past couple of days (okay I went out Sunday to a BBQ in Brooklyn but I slept all day Monday...more on Sunday later). Since I'm back there will be more of me on here. More Hustle stories (it was recently brought to my attention that I haven't written about him in a while...he apparently has fans....hahahahaha), more dating stories, more commitment-phobe wonderings. You know, the usual.


rashad said...

Job well done Ms. Butterfly

Organized Noise said...

They say you get out of it what you put into it. By the look of the pictures, you put a lot of work into it. Looks like things were great.

makeba said...

I am in LOVEEEEEEEEEE with that cake! You must tell me where you guys got that from!!!! It was worth every bit of your sweat. Looks like you guys had a great turnout and more importantly the parents seemed to appreciate your hard work. Now that's the greatest of it all. Let's see I am sure I can use your services for some event! LOL

cagyrl said...

OMG!!!...i swear ur blogs run in parallel to my life!!!...so can RELATE to it ALL...keep up the great scripts...HU HUGS!!!