Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Butterfly in Philly....

(you know I love butterflies. Philly 2008)

This weekend I left The Big Apple and landed in the city of Brotherly Love. My presence was requested at the wedding of my cousin to his girlfriend, the mother of his 2 sons (notice I did not call her baby momma...hahahahahaha). I was more than happy to be there to witness this occasion. My cousin is like a lil brother to me. He, like me, is his momma's only child, and since our mothers are sisters, our childhoods are intricately woven together. I remember, at 7, wanting to take him to school for "Show and Tell" the week after he was born (and telling my aunt she didn't love me when she said no....yes I was dramatic even back then...hahahahahaha) I remember picking him up from daycare with our great-grandmother and his disgusting love for turkey franks. I remember his first real crush (Tina Turner - that Private Dancer album cover did some thangs to the tyke...hahahahahaha). I remember when he came to visit me at Hampton and was completely in love with the "black college experience" and couldn't wait for the day he went away to school. I also remember from that visit that when my boyfriend at the time came by the house, my scrawny 13 year old cousin came to the door with the broom like that was gonna do something (SIDEBAR: Oh, how I wish lil cuz had swept that sucka out the door...hahahahahaha). I remember surviving the torture of driving him from Harlem to Atlanta when he decided to go to Morehouse.

So here he is, 25 years old, graduate of Morehouse (I don't hold that against him...hahahaha), father of 2 sons, and now about to be a husband. The little boy I used to take to violin practice. The little one who used to cling to me and run from my mother. How can this be?? Life. That's what happened. Just as I have grown, he did too. I can't imagine at 25 being responsible enough to be married with children. (Shit, I can't imagine at 32 being responsible enough to be married with children...hahahahahahahah). But that's the life he has mapped out for himself. And as always I couldn't be prouder of him.
Now the only trepidation I had about going to this wedding was caused by the anticipation of what the hell my family would say to me. I already know how my grandmother feels about my single life but I knew this occasion would give her fair game to lay it on thick. And lay it on she did. She tried bribery ("I'll pay for it. Just get married already."), guilt ("I would like to see you married before I leave this earth."), interrogation ('well who are you seeing? and why isn't he proposing??"), prophesying ("You're next. I see it.") and bartering ("okay, I'll get my knee replacement surgery so I can dance at your wedding. You work on the wedding. I'll work on the surgery."). I thought I was gonna need my grandfather's flask filled with something potent to deal with her but luckily my cousin didn't sit us at the same table. (SIDEBAR: I owe you one cuz!). But he did sit me with my mother's younger sister and her 4th hubby and she of course picked up where my grandmother left off. Watching my cousin and his wife celebrating their nuptials, I get why I was getting the full court press (check out my sports reference..HA!). My family just wants to see me happy and to them happy means husband, 2.5 kids, white picket fence. But that's not my definition of happy. Happy for me is peace of mind. Happy is knowing that I am living as close to drama free as allowed. Happy is taking the time to figure me out. I have to reassure them that I am in fact happy. Life isn't perfect but it's mine and I'm working on it. I was tempted to give my grandmother this website address so she can see just how happy I am and to understand me better (because I don't think she has a clue who I am). But then I remembered my last post and decided against it. hahahahahahahahaa

This blog wouldn't be complete without pictures of the joyous occasion.

(the ceremony took place outside at a gazebo at WaterWorks in Fairmount Park in Philly. Each guest was given a pink umbrella to protect themselves from the beaming sun. tres chic)

(My godson apparently didn't like the attention that he got as ring bearer. )

(while his baby bro was chillin'...LOL)

(yeah!!! he kissed the bride)

(when his mommy and daddy kissed my godson stepped down from the gazebo to give his lil bro a kiss. awwwww how cute)

(I loved my dress but I was having Marilyn Monroe issues the entire time. I mooned the entire city of Brotherly Love. Thankfully I didn't wear a thong! hahahahahahah)

(the bride, groom, and bridal party getting down to You're All I Need by Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige. The first dance was the original song by Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell, and then they segued into the other version when the bridal party was asked to join them. That was hot - I equally love both versions. I wish I thought of that...guess I can't use that IF I ever get married...hahahahahahahaha)

I couldn't resist posting these songs. Like sweet morning dewww/I took 1 look at you/ and it was plain to see/ you are my destiny........


rashad said...

I'm usually cynical about in these here comments, but those pics are nice. i'm taking notes son.

makeba said...

You always know how to bring a story to life with the pics! Humm....might have to still some of the wedding ideas for mine. ;)

Janelle said...

rashad: wow I shocked the cynicism out of you for a moment. I need to write this on my calender. hahahahahhaha

makeba: go 'head and steal the ideas since I can't use them. hahahahahaha