Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Okay so after I wrote yesterday's blog, I invited Hustle (surprised?). Via email. hahahaha. Yes I could have called him, texted him (umm is that a word??), rolled over and asked him (no wait that wasn't yesterday...hahaha). Instead I chose the punk route and sent my plus one invitation via email.

Now before you shake your head at my punkitude (now, I know that's not a word), hear me out. What had happened was.....well, we were already having an email conversation. Actually,it was more an email debate. On what? Gossip. Yeah, gossip. I was telling him about my 5 hour Sunday Brunch and he assumed that we were gossiping. I disagreed and said we were catching up on each other's lives since we hadn't had brunch together in a while and our conversation turned more to politics and money and less about who's zooming who and men. Thus started our very spirited debate on what gossip actually is. I swear this man will debate me on whether the sky is blue. My guy guru told me its foreplay. Hustle says the same thing. But I'll get into the finer points of this "guyism" later. (I'm just making up words all over the place today).

So after I wrote the blog and continued the conversation with my Guy Guru (Rashad, you've just been given a blog name. hahahahaha), I thought about inviting Hustle. Well Guy Guru put it out there. I really couldn't come up with a reason not too. Well at least not a valid reason to just ask him. Since we were already in the throws of this passionate debate I snuck my plus one request in the end of my email rebuttal. Sort of like " Hey, I got this invitation and I was wondering if you would be interested in going with me?". Why break up the email flow by calling him or texting him my plus one invitation?? And guess what??? No response. Yep, nooooo response. He didn't refute my rebuttal to his gossip claim nor did he deny my plus one request. Sure he was at work and being the entrepronegro that he is, he is always on his hustle (hence the name, people) and may have walked away from the computer at the precise moment I hit send. But still today, no response. I'm not going to call him with "hey did you read my email, sucka?" (aren't we sweet?!...hahaha). Nor will I shoot him another email about the event. In true Janelle fashion, I will wait until the end of the day and invite someone else or at least lie and say that I invited someone else if he ever brings it up. hahahahahahahaaa Hey, I'm being honest. And like the Jigga man said, "You can't knock the hustle".

4:13 pm. I received an email from Hustle. And boy do I feel like USDA Grade A asshole. He informs me that he can't make it on Friday because he has a funeral to attend. And he also apologized for not getting back to me sooner. Damn, he's such a gentleman and I'm such an ass. I responded of course with my condolences (I'm not a complete ass) and told him there will be other events to attend. If ever a time I wish I could delete a blog, its probably now. But I won't. That's one rule I won't break. I feel bad for even thinking the worse of him especially when the worse is not in his character. That is definitely something I have to work on.


rashad said...

Man..if you admit you took the punk route by emailing him, don't you have to be at least a little flexible by sending a follow up email? Maybe he honestly didn't see it..

makeba said...

Now that wan't to hard after all was it? So Mr. Hustle can't make it, whose next on the list, male or female? Dilemma, dilemma again. LMAO

rashad said...

Good update. But in the words of Oran Juice Jones, "Now close your mouth, cuz you cold busted."