Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My voice is still hoarse. My heart is still skipping a beat. Before I closed my eyes last night, I decided (maybe because of or in spite of these conditions) that I was going to shirk responsibility for once and venture all the way downtown to stand in the Canyon of Heroes to pay homage to the Superbowl Champs, The New York City Giants. Being a native of "the city" surprisingly there are few parades that I've attended in my life. The first was when Pope John Paul II visited Harlem and I was a 3 year old cutie on the shoulders of my grandfather standing on the street corner of what would coincidently be the catholic school I would attend 3 years later. I remember the crowds and the feeling of reverence but most of all sitting high up on my grandfather's shoulders. My mom took me to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade the following year. One word to describe it all: DISASTER. I cried. She cried. Somehow I let go of her white hand and grabbed the hand of a woman who was really white and who had the same coat as my mother. I remember not one damn float, not one damn balloon. Just tears and crowds. I never went to the St. Patty's day parade because as far as I know, I'm not Irish. Same stands for the Puerto Rican Day Parade (despite what my friends from college may say about my ethnicity...hahahahaha). I will admit I went to the West Indian Day Parade ONCE with my Brooklyn girls who are of West Indian descent. It was a night/day I won't ever forget. The unfamiliar music, "jumping up"; avoiding getting hit by guys throwing powder; my girls trying to convince me to buy a Jamaican flag because my boo at the time was of Jamaican descent; my insistence to "rep with my American flag" in the sea of all the others. It was Labor Day 2001. Who knew how signifcant that flag would be a week later. Sure I've attended the African American Day parade in Harlem numerous times. But that parade is a joke on so many levels. Every year I go, I just shake my head and say "damn this sucks worse than last year".

So why would I contemplate venturing downtown to this particular parade? What was it about this parade that drew me in? While I may occasionally watch sports and may possibly flip through the sports section of the newspaper, sports generally is not my "thing". Come on, how many sports posts have you read on this blog??? hahahahahaha
Well, first of all, I watched this superbowl game in its entirety. And that for me is an accomplishment. Usually when I attend a superbowl party, I go for more party, socializing, eating, drinking and less football. Secondly, I'm a New Yorker. I'm a fan of most things New York (Rudy Fooliani is definitely the exception). And as a New Yorker, we celebrate. It's in our genes. Maybe its in our water. Hello, have you seen Times Square on December 31??? And lastly, I wanted to go to the parade because my eyes locked on a vision of a scrump-deely-ish-ous man while watching the SuperBowl and a chance to see my vision live and in living color would definitely make my day, my week, my month! Who is my superbowl supercrush, you may ask??? #58. Antonio Pierce. Linebacker. Superhottie. Superhunk.

I woke up this morning and turned on the news. At 7:30 this morning, the newscaster was interviewing a crowd of people who began assembling at freaking 3 am. Yes, 3 IN THE FREAKING MORNING!!!! I still kind of shrugged it off as okay I'll find a spot somewhere along the parade route for lil ol' me. Then Linda Church had to rain on my parade by telling me it was actually going to rain on my parade. Oh the horror! I'm no match for fanatical fans AND raging rains. No live and in living color supercrush for me. Sigh.....but damn this man is fine!!!! You all know I'm a sucker for a smile. But I'm a punk for the rain. And my punktitude won over the lusty crushy feelings. I may not have been part of the action in the Canyon of Heroes but my heart was right there with the Giants as they celebrated their victory. And its still skipping a beat.
PS Thanks to FanNation and Young, Black & Fabulous for the SuperDelish eye candy of my SuperCrush.
PPS Okay so since my birthday is less that a month away, if anyone is wondering what they could get me for birthday, please refer to the pictures above??? hahahahahaaa


rashad said...

I gotta tell you..had that have been Chris Webber, you'd have had a raincoat and an um-ber-ella..ella...ella..ay ay

BKSFINST said...

Hey girl, its Drenna from NABFEME. Ummmmmmm guess what? My co-worker is marrying Antonio Pierce's cousin - WERD. I doubt I can get you him for your birthday but who knows!!