Friday, January 26, 2007

There is a regular segment on one of my local news programs called "What's Bugging You?", where a reporter roams the streets asking for people's comments on whatever the "what's bugging you?" topic of the day is. Well, Jeff Rossen, since you've asked, there is a lot bugging me. In no particular order, the following points are what's bugging me:

* SoHa. The proposed name for an area of Harlem below 125th Street. SoHa is short for South Harlem. I have gone along with all these million dollar construction projects invading my neighborhood. I've watched a wave of different hued people moving into former crack dens. All of this "gentrification" and "community renaissance" has sparked many debates about the changing of the fabric of our community. But SoHa??? What the fuck is that? (I know...I know I said I was going to work on the cursing but damn it that's the only word that fits my sentiment right now.) SoHa sounds trendy. However we are not a trend that will be out of style next season, we are a community. How dare you come in and try to change the name of even a portion of my community. I understand that you developers in all your meetings came up with this idea to attract those with multi-million dollar bank accounts to purchase this matchbox condos built adjacent to the projects. Yes there was a time where some of the streets were considered wastelands where all you found were drug addicts and dealers, hookers and their customers. But what you money grubbing developers fail to realize about Harlem, it that we take the good with the bad. We didn't distance ourselves from those streets then and I'll be damned if we do it now that you've built a pretty building and put a few trees in the sidewalk. The old building and former residents may go but the name stays the same. It is allllll Harlem. And if these trust fund babies can't accept that, then we don't want them in our 'hood.

*People who think that because I am currently unemployed they can bug me at anytime day or night. Right now as I am trying to focus on writing this, I have an acquaintance who is bugging me on IM for some non-emergent information. When I replied back to tell him that I can't talk right now, he proceeds to continue to send me the request as if to say "It's not like you're at work, so you should answer me NOW!" My time is just that..... MY TIME. It's bad enough that I haven't been diligent enough on this blog thing but I've realized that it helps me stay focus and clear on my main objective - FINDING A NEW CAREER. But honestly, I don't care if I was sitting here scratching my ass and watching Maury tell someone he is....NOT the father, if I say I can't talk right now, then damn it, LET ME BE.

* I was reading an tiny tiny article in the paper the other day that there is a plan before my community board to rename my street, James Brown Way. Now, before I continue, let me say that I am sorry the man is dead, and I know he changed the landscape of music and entertainment not only in this country but around the world. For him to accomplish what he did as a Black man in this country is an great achievement. And I will forever be grateful for "I'm Black and I'm Proud". I think I sung that song every day in high school just to keep my head high in the face of the institutional racism I faced every day at that affluent elitist school. But ummmmmmm, did I miss something??? James Brown never lived on my street. If I'm not mistaken, I don't think he ever lived in Harlem. His funeral procession to the Apollo Theater began on my street. Does that mean my street name has to be changed???? We can honor this man in so many other ways, but let's do it in a way that makes sense - like naming a cultural center in Harlem after him.

*Men sitting on the train. Why do you insist on sitting with your legs wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open??? It doesn't matter the race, age, outward appearance, or perceived economic status, men get on the train and sit with there legs so far apart they might as well do a damn split. Why do you need all that space?? Honestly, your dick isn't that big. The average penis unaroused is about five and a quarter inches long. (I learned that on Real Sex the other night..LOL). I don't know what the average width is but come on people, its not that wide! You're taking up 2 seats for what???? Just to let you know, women are not impressed by the fact that you think you have to sit that wide. We are pissed because you took the last 2 seats in the car and WE WANT TO SIT DOWN!!! Think about it, how many of you men sitting on the train like that have gotten any play from a woman STANDING in front of you??? How many times?? Not never!!!!

So that's what's bugging me. Thanks for asking, Jeff.

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rashad said...

Ok. First off, when I saw SoHa, I immediately thought of that Juvenile song, "Ha", which cannot be a good ome. Petition for that name change ASAP. Secondly, i don't know about being unemployed, but when folks bug me on my day off, like I don't have shit else to do but serve them, I gets(yes gets) annoyed. And lastly, yes the average dick may be 5 inches(who researches this shit?), but that does not account for the balls. The BALLS are the reason we sit wide. Balls that are smashed are unhappy balls my friend.