Monday, January 08, 2007

Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is...okay it's not Hov. But for some reason that song has been on my mind all day. Not even the whole song just this damn line. I guess I do need to reintroduce myself. It's been a minute since I've put my thoughts and wonderings out here in cyberspace. My friends have even stopped asking me when am I going to put up a new entry. But its a new year and with that comes thoughts of new beginnings and the resolution for change. So who is the new me that I will have to reintroduce in 2007? Haven't figured it out yet. Damn it's only 8 days into the new year give me a minute! LOL

So much has gone on in the past couple of weeks in my very dysfunctional family. I was so tempted to sit at this computer and write about every transgression to relieve myself of all the different emotions associated with this roller coaster ride. While I am obligated to love these people, I do not like them. If it weren't for these genetic links I probably wouldn't associate with them. I know that sounds harsh but it's my reality. No I'm not talking about my entire family. Let's just say there is a small group within my very extended family that tick me off time and time again. I would never name names or reveal their relations. I guess I care more about them then I thought. However, looking back at the sequence of events I realize that while you can't control who you share DNA with, you can control the effect they have on your life and the limit their involvement in your life. Family is what you make it.

It's 2007. I cannot allow anyone or anything keep me away from something I love. I have to apologize to myself. The words were right here but I stifled them, cast them away , violated their purpose. But I acknowledge the error of my ways and will work harder at honoring my gifts.

At the stroke of midnight New Year's Eve/New Year's Day, I was walking down Lenox Avenue on my way to a party. A group of boys, probably about 13-14 years old comes running around the corner, throwing their coats in the air and screaming, "IT'S 2007, BITCHESSSSSSS! FUCK THE HATERS!!!!! SUCK MY DICCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!" Gotta love the hood!!!!! LOL Now while I may not agree with their language, I appreciate the sentiment and long for that exuberance. They were sooo excited to see 2006 end and seemed to welcome whatever 2007 may bring. So in the spirit of my young neighbors I say "Fuck the haters" in 2007. If all you're bringing is hate (and negative energy) into my life, refer back to the earlier statement. Well except the "suck my dick" part for obvious reasons but you get the point, damnit! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back Janelle. I look forward to seeing what kind of thoughts are in your head in 2007..besides suck my dick of course. that's a hell of a way to re-enter