Friday, April 09, 2010


I woke up in such an amorous mood this morning. Like make a cheese omelet in the morning* kinda mood. Literally, I woke up smiling. As I entered into morning consciousness, I felt my face muscles upturned and thought "What the duece? Am I smiling?!" And then..wait for it......I giggled. Seriously, giggled. Like a five year old who laughs at silly grownups kinda giggle. I even had to laugh at the giggle.

When I hopped up out the bed, I turned the music on (really??!! did you think I would say "turnt my swaaaaaaag onnnnnnnn"???). I danced around my apartment (well after the morning tinkle, I danced but I think I did the tinkle dance en route to the bathroom so does that count??).

I had to assess this feeling. Those who really know me, KNOW this butterfly is not a morning person. AT ALL. I grunt. I roll my eyes. I give good screwface. I don't want to talk until about a good 30 minutes after I wake up. But this morning, I felt like a Disney cartoon - all happy and sing-songy. And then it hit me. I feel love.

Now, don't go shouting from the rooftops or plan my bachelorette party. I said "I FEEL love", not "I'm IN love". I woke up this morning with love in my heart which pumped that feeling to every fiber in my being until I had no choice but to embrace it and love it. I don't know where it came from. Nothing extraordinary has happened in my life to provoke this feeling. I don't know how long this feeling is going to last but I'm running with it. I am utterly consumed with love. I'm full. And haven't eaten a thing.

Honestly, so far, me likey.

*seriously, did you have to click the link to get the cheese omelet reference???!! Fast forward to the 2:53 mark to see the reference. Go back about 30 seconds to see what caused the cheese omelet in the first place. LOL

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asha said...

i know that feeling. enjoy it and put a little aside for those other kind of mornings.