Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flattery will get you pregnant...

On my previous post, a commenter said "Please remember that imitation is the best form of flattery as i send this to him [HER man]."

I was indeed very flattered by this, but damn if I haven’t been thinking about it ever since. Maybe it’s the writer buried in me but I want to know the story. What’s the background story? How was my post sent? Directed to the blog with a sexy note “Hmmm. How did she know about last night?”?? Via text with a naughty photo attachment?? On voicemail, in your sexiest late night radio disc jockey voice??

And ummmmm so what happened afterwards? Did he respond? How did he respond? Did he give you that grin like “Wait until I get my hands you!”?? Was he nonchalant? Did he blush (yes men blush)? Did he put an extra dip in it, something to inspire another search for intimate prose? Did he just give the head nod like “cool” and turn back to ESPN?? Did he squeal with delight? (Hey, I make no judgments. Hahahaha). Did you get laid- REPEATEDLY (inside joke) – because of something I said. Sheeeeeeit, just the thought of that is mind blowing (pun/innuendo intended).

As you can see my need for details is overwhelming, insatiable even. I am not exaggerating when I say I have thought about this long and hard (that’s what he said…hahaha). I have an entire scenario playing in my mind. Actually there are a few scenarios running around in this dome of mine. I may need to make a phone call. :)

And lastly, did I get credit??? As I said in my response to her comment, like Ms. Badu “I’m sensitive about my shit” (see how I gave Erykah Badu credit for five words that she strung together that someone before her may have said but now since she sang those 8 syllables, we now attribute them to her?? That’s what I’m talking about). While my friends give birth to babies, I give birth to strings of words and thoughts. You can’t just run up and steal somebody’s baby. I mean well you could but ummm you know you run the risk of being your cellmate’s bitch for the next 10-15 years of confinement. But you get what I mean.

Anonymous, I really do appreciate the love but your 2 sentences got my notebook pregnant.


rashad said...

1)straight men don't blush, and the ones that do certainly can't appreciate the email you wrote yesterday

2)anonymous needs to update us...

3)I verified that badu's expression was 8 syllables by using my fingers..

£ said...

we all gonna get pregnant if you keep up with the steamy prose! cuz um girl...

anyway, Anonymous certainly does need to update us.

and Rashad, str8 men do blush. i seent it. lol