Monday, June 22, 2009

Random in the Rain

About a month ago I wrote a sultry introspection about the sexiness of Rain. More than 30 days later, I'm ready to beat the crap out rain. Seriously. On Friday, a newscaster commented that it had rained 15 of the past 19 days in the month of June. That is 79% of the month of June, filled with waterlogged, I can't press my hair days. Now granted I was gone for about 5 of those 19 days but still. I understand in life a little rain must fall but sheesh, this is re-damn-diculous. I don't have enough rain clothes in my wardrobe and in June I don't plan on investing in rain gear either. Enough already. Its officially my FAVORITE season of the year and how does it greet me?? More freaking rain. I never realized how crappy weather affects my mood. Scratching Seattle as a possible place to live off of my list. As my Facebook status read the other day:

I can't stand the rain........against my stilettos.

ENOUGH ALREADY. And according to the forecast, more rain in the forecast here in NYC. Le sigh.

Despite Mother Nature forgetting to take her anti-depressants, and putting the sun on time-out, I had a fabulous weekend. Nothing grand but fab none the less. And almost completely random. Now that I think about it I've had 2 random, sketchy planned but great weekends back to back. I hope I didn't just jinx myself. LOL Last weekend, I spent time with out of town friends, the other members of the Fab 4 (my name for BFFs), partied, trooped out to Brooklyn for makeup and a cocktail named a Joygasm (soooo delish), and dinner convo with old and new friends. Oh and I can't forget the paparazzi shots.

LMAO. Good times indeed.

This weekend I trooped out to Queens for a potluck. Normally for these types of events I would cook. But the rain discouraged any culinary creativity (read: too lazy to shop in the rain). Instead, I picked up a couple of orders of Buffalo Wings from my favorite spot, and muddled through the puddles out to Queens. All I have to say about my public transportation ride to the borough of Queens is: sitting in traffic with hot smelling good Buffalo wings on your lap is not the business when people start looking at you like "hmmm, I could snuff this chick and eat whatever she has in them bags." LOL
It was all worth it when I arrived. I laughed until I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Literally. I was clutching my chest a la Fred G. Sanford. And the food?? The food was soooo yummy my inner chubby girl was EXCITED. I was so stuffed I didn't know how I was going to make it through the rest of the evening for my date.

I had a date. With Baskin Robbins.

So Sunday, since my dad lives in Tennessee, all I had to do was call to wish him a Happy Father's Day. I'd spoken to him the day before because I saw a Mustang parked by my apartment and then saw a Mustang parked near where my friend lives in Queens. My dad is a Mustang Fiend. He met my mom in a mustang. He met my stepmom in a Mustang. He wants all of his children to own Mustangs (only one does). He currently owns either 2 or 3 Mustangs. He goes to an annual convention for Mustang nuts. I told you - a FIEND. LOL So, I snapped a pic of the second Mustang and sent him a text asking "Are you following me?" LOL He laughed. I laughed. And he urged me to come to visit. Awww my daddy misses me. I think I'll look into visiting for his birthday.

Since I couldn't be with one parent on the holiday designated for him, I spent the day with the other half of my genetic makeup. After making brunch for my mom, she and I decided to take my cousin out for Father's Day since he was in town with his wife and their 2 sons. With my mom's dad deceased and my dad over a thousand miles away, we couldn't remember the last time we did anything on Father's Day. So my mom, my aunt, my cousin, his wife, the 2 most adorable boys ages 4 1/2 and 1 1/2,and I went to a local chain restaurant known for their Texas size drinks. What?? Did you think I was treating all these folks to dinner at the Four Seasons??? Sheeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiittt! LOL

Can I just say I can't remember a time spent with my immediate family that was so pleasant?? We genuinely had a good time. The boys kept us entertained. Between the 4 year old, finding no napkin, deciding to wipe his BBQ sauce covered hands on his shirt with a shrug and the almost 2 year old flirting with every female under the age of 10 in the place (with a chicken bone situated in his mouth like a toothpick), we laughed until tears came out of our eyes. Their was no dog to kill me. No contention over old family shit. Just family coming together and having fun. It was so random it was perfectly orchestrated.

Over the past 2 weekends, a lot of rain has fallen in New York City. But leave it to my friends and family to brighten my days in unexpected, random ways. Its these pockets of sunshine that keep me going. And keep me from beating the crap out of rain.


rashad said...

Forget about how the rain affected you, it affected the US open golf tournament in NY too..stretched it out until Monday. and I noticed you omitted the name of your favorite wings woman..

makeba said...

Exactamundo! The rain is killing my spirits, not that I need my spirits anymore affected as I prepare for my wedding 4 weeks away....Smh

£ said...

lol @ the Pap shot. I love love LOVE your hair! And sunglasses! And your top!

Ok enough with the gushing. lol

I am so over the rain/cloudiness/generally miserable weather. The only thing it is good for is snuggling with a boo but even that gets old after a while. I need some sun quick. And not these hints of sun, i'm talking days in succession with nothing but. My mood is starting to reflect the weather. Not a good thing.

I think i understand your dad's mustang obsession. Vintage models are the bomb. I'd love to own a 65 and a 68 shelby model.

Janelle said...

Rashad: You know I could care less about the US Open. Of course I omitted the wing spot. I don't the paparazzi catching me chomping on a wing and slurping a frozen margarita!!! hahahahaa

Keba: The Lord must be saving all the sunshine for your wedding day. At least that's what I'm going to keep telling myself right now...hahahahaa

Lex: Okay not only are you my friend in my head, you must be my dad's long lost child!!! hahahahaha
He's currently restoring a Shelby (I can't remember what year though. I kinda tune him out when he starts talking about his obsession.)

Thanks for the gush!! The top is a dress I just purchased from forever 21 (really..I was shocked too). Even though I think its supposed to be a tunic as I saw a chick wearing it with leggings but I wear it as a short dress! LOL
The sun glases are my fave Marc Jacobs which I found in a taxi in the case. SCORE!!!! Its soo funny you love my hair and I look at the pic and think Damn if I don't look like Don King!!! hahahahahaha Smoochies for the love though :)