Monday, April 09, 2007

So another white man with a microphone has spouted racist views this time not only on a nationally syndicated radio program but on a national cable news network as well.

His description of these women athletes is appalling. Calling them "nappy headed hoes" rolls so effortlessly off his tongue that you know that he has thought this or said this (or worse) time and time again. He not only attacked their race but also attacked their womanhood. Hey Imus, why they gotta be hoes??? Because the majority of the team is black?? Are we as black women predisposed to whoreish behavior?? In order to be able to dribble a ball up and down the court they had to dunk a few balls in their coochies?? Are you telling me that the only reason these talented women picked up a basketball was to get the attention of a male basketball player and become his basketball "ho"?

And then you call them "jiggaboos" and try to throw Spike Lee's name in there as if that makes it okay. Yes, Mr.Lee used the term in the movie, "School Daze" (not "Do the Right Thing", you idiot). But he didn't use the term all willy nilly (SIDEBAR: who are willy and nilly and why do we use their names for reckless behavior?? were they careless??). He was making a point about the self hatred amongst black people in terms of the difference in our skin color. He was highlighting how ridiculous we sound when we talk about "good and bad hair" and all the other silly, superficial attributes we use to divide ourselves. He didn't throw the term in there for what you believe to be comedy. For your information, "jiggaboo" is just as racist as "nigger", "kike", "gook" (thanks, Rashad..LOL), "chink", "spic", "sand nigger" and "African booty scratcher" (I don't know why black children say this but this right here will start a fight on the playground!!! LOL)

So now Imus wants to apologize. He says that he didn't say it with "malice". What did he say it with? Disgust?? Superiority?? What?? How else are these despicable comments supposed to be taken?? Out of allllllllll the words in the English language he chose the most derogatory words and phrases that can be used against black women??? How could the intentions behind this statement be deemed as anything but malicious? In his apology tour, he's now going to Al Sharpton's Radio Show. Is there some script out there fro this B.S.? Step 1: Offend group of people publicly. Step 2: Wait for said people to find out about it. Step 3: Issue half ass apology through publicist/spokesperson. Step 4: Go on radio show of "leader" of said group to explain yourself. Step 5: Keep job and maybe get a book deal out of the whole thing. I hate to tell this, Imus, but Big Perm, I mean Al Sharpton, does not speak for all Black people. So while you may go on his show and publicly kiss his ass, that neither excuses or condones your remarks in the eyes of most black people.

People are calling for him to lose his job. No I don't want that to happen. Unfortunately, if Imus is fired by WFAN and MSNBC, he will get picked up by one of those satellite radio stations and make 10 times more money than he is making now. You know I'm right. I say suspend him without pay for a couple of months. Make him pay a hefty fine to the FCC. Have all of his earnings for 2007 donated to the Women's Basketball Program at Rutger's University. Simply getting him off the air is not enough. Hurt this idiot in his pockets. That is the only way that he will remember to at least save such disparaging, racist, sexist remarks for home and not on a nationally broadcasted program.

Thank you, Imus, for taking off the hood and revealing yourself to be the true racist your words have shown you to be. Since we all know racism still exists (actually, it never really went anywhere), this is the type of racism I prefer. That way I know exactly what I'm dealing with. Now, I will never mistake you for an unbiased open-minded individual. Again, as I did with Michael Richards, I have to quote that old Kodak commercial. " I see you're true colors shining through/ I see you're true colors shining/And that's why I love you/So don't be afraid to let them show/ Your true colors.."


rashad said...

The thing that bothers me in all this, is the apology. No one's apology is genuine, its always, sorry if I offended anyone, which is a copout. I like your idea of him donating money to the Rutgers team..he should have to buy 100 season tickets and give them away on his show

Miss Black River said...

Hi there - I found you through Rashad's blog. Yours is a great analysis and I hope you forward it on to some newspapers and magazines. It is amazing that this man disrespects black women and no one is calling on him to DO anything meaningful. Your solution is creative and right on point.