Monday, August 22, 2011

Microphone Check

*taps mic* Hello, is this thing on?????

I've been gone for a minute but unlike Lil Kim Konnichiwa I'm not back with the jump off. For the record, I've attempted to write 2 blogs in the last week or so and blogger has smacked me around like a 2 bit ho for abandoning my blogging corner by erasing my words. One entry, I cried when it disappeared. It was a entry about my mom waking up from a coma a year ago on August 8. I poured everything into that entry and to see it disappear with a click of a mouse and never to return again was heartbreaking. The other entry?? Well, I took it as a sign from Sweet Baby Jesus above that I had noooooooo damn business writing that angry black woman diatribe in the first place. Moving on....

For the legions of you who still check my site, first thank you for continuing to come and check on me. Secondly, in case you've been wondering, I've been working. My new job has me out in the field Monday - Thursday. I never realized how much I miss an office until I realize I don't have a computer to log into or blog on in my downtime. Maybe I should think about getting an iPad or the HP Touchpad?? Or maybe my legions of fans will chip in and buy me one?? Noo?? Really????!!! Okay. Sigh..... Moving on. (Sidebar: I just read the news about HP abandoning the Touchpad, my beloved Pre telephone, and the entire WebOS operating system. Bastards. Oh well, guess I'll be a reluctant iPad groupie...sigh. And I have no clue what the fuck I'm gonna do about a phone. Thanks HP. If Carrie B wasn't an HP I would curse you to burn in hell for getting me all hype for nothing. Oh well...moving on.....)

I work with senior citizens. And let me tell you, there are many days when I feel like I am back teaching in public school. I broke up an argument that had all the potential to turn into a physical fight the other day. Two older women in my class got into an argument over personal space and the use of a computer than one claimed was hers (ummm like my mom used to tell me "None of this is yours. Its all mine. You didn't pay for it." LOL). Tempers flared and next thing I knew, I'm standing between them, yelling at them to "CUT IT OUT!!" with threats of "I'ma kick yo ass!" flying through the air above my head. Looking back, it was quite comical. One old lady could barely walk so I don't know whose ass she was going to kick. The other, as quiet as she normally is, actually looked like she might be able to take the other one as she said in her thick Puerto Rican accent, "Jooo don't know what I capable of." If I would have seen this on a sitcom, I probably would have laughed until I damn near cried but unfortunately, this was real life and there wasn't anything funny about it.....well not until I walked out the building. Then, I laughed my ass off. Tears rolling down my face laughter. In relaying the story to friends, in between the shock followed by howls of laughter, everyone wanted to see a video of this Granny Smackdown. Thankfully, none of the senior citizens have smartphones to record said outburst and they all think you tube is an ointment. So alas, there is no such video of the tomfoolery.

I'm pretty sure many of you are wondering about my dating life. Especially since I've devoted so many pages upon pages on this site to tales of my dating highs and lows. Eh.....yeah that about sums it up. I guess I'll go into detail soon enough but "Eh....." is about right. At least for right now.

I'm finding a rhythm again. I'm making time for writing again. So that's my start....again. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Next blog won't take as long for me to post. If I drag my feet with the next post, you have permission to kick my ass like the old folks. Jooo don't know what I'm capable of. At least not yet. :)


rashad said...

Old folks fighting? And jooo have not immortalized this sh*t via youtube? make it happen son!

£ said...

three cheers for blogging rhythm!

i'm still trying to find mine lol.

Congrats on the gig by the way! LOL @ the bellicose senior citizens. i'm with rashad - we need video next time.