Monday, January 03, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I know, I suck. Epic monkey balls suck. I could tell you that there are over 20 unfinished blogs yearning to break free from writing purgatory but you don't care about all of that. As you've witnessed in my absence, writing took a back seat in my life. Like Rosa Parks get your butt to the back of the bus back seat in my life. Many days, I wondered if writing was still riding with me as I often stared blankly at the computer screen. This has absofuckinglutely been the worst writer's block I've ever had. It took me 2 days to come up with the phrase inside of my custom made holiday cards. It was one sentence. *head hanging shame*

A friend recently challenged me to write. Write. Write. Write. She told me. No matter how craptastic I think the writing may be she told me to write at least 500 words daily. I don't know about the 500 word count (I haven't counted words since I submitted college essays) but she's right. So here I am. Again. Writing.

So much has been going on in my life since my last post (SideBar: I hate, hate, hate that my last post - the first one on my page to all the millions who click on my site - is such an emotional raw post. I wanted to write 10 blogs of crap just to bury it. ). I could write one post detailing it all but I believe it would read like the Odessey. Without the Cliff Notes. And the English teacher breaking it down for you. No bueno.

There are some things I want to write about. I'll call them my topics of the week. In no particular order:
*I met someone
* Love? (yes that's an intentional questional mark)

One bit of great news I will share today is my mom is doing well. She went back to work a couple of weeks ago. She started part time but will ramp up to full time probably by the end of this month. Even on my best linguistic day, I couldn't express how happy I am that she has recovered enough to even contemplate going back to work. Of course I still worry about her. On most days I feel like there is some serious role reversal going on ( I threatened punishment once....WTF???!!!), but thankfully those kinds of days are happening less and less. I cannot begin to thank you enough for all of your prayers and well wishes.

With all of that said, yes I'm back in my refuge. And this isn't quite as craptastic as I thought it would be. I guess writing is like riding a bike. Although I wouldn't know, since I never learned to ride a bike but that's another story for another day. LOL

I hope you'll stop by again and read and comment and ride this journey with me. Again. I think I miss you guys as much as I THINK you miss me. Well most of you, anyway. LOL


£ said...

girl! i know i have missed you. i mean twitter is cool but it aint the same. :)

your friend is right. write write write. that's what i've been doing A LOT of lately (though not necessarily in my blog lol)but now it's spilling over into blogging and im excited to recharge that thing. writer's block is no joke.

So so glad your mom is doing well (lol at you threatening punishment. three cheers for role reversal!)

im looking forward to reading about family, love(oooh), and 35.

*sits down and gets comfortable*

rashad said...

Two craptastics in one entry? That's good stuff. Welcome back and don't leave us again

MackDiva said...

I'm with Rashad. Don't leave again, ma'am!

Redbonegirl97 said...

Glad to see you back.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Mz.Jonezy said...

Well, look at it this way...if you didn't have writers block, you wouldn't have been able to write about writers block and there wouldn't have been this lovely post...yeah, um, that was my attempt at making you feel better about writers block. I dunno, I tried :)

I swear, it must be something about the end of the year that kills creativity. But its all good, because at least you know you can still write (as evident by this post) And isn't it funny that everyone's advice on how to cure writer's block is to "write' (as if it's so easy). And isn't it even more funny that writing is the only thing that can actually cure writer's block? How ironic...

BTW, this is my first time visiting your blog! I like it! Keep writing!

Shelley said...

WELCOME BACK!! Can't wait!!!